Establishing Trust With Users Through Blockchain Traceability

Transgenie is an advanced traceability solution that lets businesses and organizations track their products and processes efficiently. Everything you need to manage your product’s journey is right there on the dashboard. Allowing you to stay ahead of the competition through immutable authenticity.
  • Immutable Records: Blockchain guarantees unmodifiable product data which in turn creates trust and authenticity in your supply chain.
  • Real-time Transparency: Make the tracking easy to follow and make the product journey more transparent in real-time.
  • Enhanced Security: The decentralized blockchain gives you and your customers security against counterfeits and under-the-table deals by storing each checkpoint on the ledger.
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How Blockchain Traceability Works in Your Business?

Blockchain traceability software is at its highest when it comes to innovation in maintaining product and brand authenticity! Get to know how it works smoothly to give you the right data which ensures transparency and security. Change industries with this new technology in a manner that becomes smooth.

The immutable nature of the blockchain helps in identifying diverse products and tracking their life cycles, and allows you to quickly manage your inventory.

Picking the right blockchain for your business involves learning about what kind of data you deal with and implementing a network that satisfies your end goals. Some things to consider are whether your data is public or confidential, whether you hold the IP to your product designs or processes, etc.

A digital twin is a digital model of the real product which you can then store on the blockchain and verify uniqueness down to the minute details.

Use blockchain product traceability to track each product in real-time, thus, providing a real-time view of the product journey and status.

Lead the way - kick off Your Blockchain Traceability Journey Today!

Get ready for the new era of traceability with Transgenie! Our Transgenie experts give the best advice which makes the beginning of your blockchain traceability easy. You can trust in us as you enter a world of enhanced transparency, security and efficiency. Begin your transformative journey today!
  • Expert Guidance Begin your blockchain traceability journey with our expert support to overcome implementation challenges and ensure success.
  • Tailor-made Solutions We analyze your business and give you solutions that are suitable for your purpose and industry. This helps you serve your customers better.
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The First Blockchain Traceability Software That Raises the Customers and Brands Experience To The Next Level

We’ve created traceability software for businesses who care about their brands and want to be authentic. This also means that you as a business can serve your customers with the highest standards and comply to various compliance. Lets see what TransGenie has to offer to you.

Benefits for Customers

Automated Dispatch


Assure your consumers with genuine products and boost their trust and confidence in every purchase they make.

Smart Analytics

Supply Chain Transparency

Enhance trust through blockchain product traceability by revealing product journeys that ensure transparency through your supply chain.

Ownership and Resale

Ownership and Resale

Empower consumers with true ownership of their products and easy resale opportunities for their purchased items.

Ownership and resale

Ownership and Resale

Empower consumers with true ownership of their products and easy resale opportunities for their purchased items.

Route Optimisation

Increase Customer Base

When you make your brand strong with traceable offerings, you naturally establish trust with your customer base. This word of mouth can help you reach more customers with half the effort.

Enhance Productivity

NFT Utilities

Customers can easily access NFT utilities such as verifying whether your products are real or fake, exclusive discounts that can be tracked, and give your products value in the secondary markets.

Benefits for Brands

Going with TransGenie it is easy to enter the world of blockchain traceability where trust, transparency, and operational efficiency are combined to create a unique stories for your brands.
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What Digital Product Passport or DPP

The Digital Product Passport or DDP is a piece of technology that connects physical products to digital identities. This gives you essential data on your product’s origin, history and ownership. Implementing a digital twin for your product allows you to virtually train staff, assist customers, and figure out anomalies in your product by using 3D technology.

By utilizing DPP with Transgenie businesses can enhance transparency and build trust with consumers by combating counterfeiting & streamline product fulfillment operations efficiently. This makes it a valuable tool for your business and your consumers alike.

Industries We Work On Blockchain Traceability

Transgenie leads in blockchain traceability and ensures integrity across any industries you’re in. Your secure future partner.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain
The use of blockchain technology enables tracking and tracing to be smooth; the product is regularly monitored from its source to the end consumer.
Our blockchain traceability system promotes sustainable farming, which ensures crop quality & ethical agricultural methods.
Map the way luxury items travel and aim for authenticity, counterfeit prevention, as well as transparency.
Luxury Goods
Luxury Goods
Deploy a blockchain traceability software to help authenticate luxury item, eliminating fakes.
Carbon Food Prints
Carbon Food Prints
Track and lower emissions, offering eco-friendly options with our accurate traceability solutions.
Mining & Extraction
Mining & Extraction
Let users trace resources from extraction to processing, which reduces environmental effects & ensures responsible practices.
Waste Management
Waste Management
To foster environmental sustainability, optimize recycling efforts and eco-friendly waste disposal.
Increases the quality control and safe use of materials via the tracking of production processes and the materials used.

Attributes of Blockchain Traceability

On the one hand, blockchain traceability should be carried out, but before that, we elaborated the feature list to make it all clear.

Product Identity

Give every product a unique identifier for traceability and identification purposes.

Data Storage

Tamper-proof and immutable storage, apply blockchain security.

Interoperability Integration

You are fully flexible to use the existing systems so that your processes and workforce can run smoothly.

User Access & Permission

Control the secure data access by restricting authorized user permissions and data privacy.

Open & Transparent

Customers and key stakeholders can easily monitor and track the movement of their goods from the beginning to the end.

Interactive User Interface

Create an interesting and easy-to-use interface for quick and smooth user interaction.

History of Events

Preserve a clear timeline of all the product lifecycle events.

Warranty and Insurance

Make it possible to track warranty details and insurance information for products.

User Friendly Platform

We provide a platform that is simple and easy to use and thus, everybody can use it.

Innovating Blockchain Traceability Metrics with Transgenie

Transform operations with Transgenie: Your dependable companion in the path of blockchain traceability.


The seamless end-to-end tracking of the different industrial processes will lead to transparent and clear business operations.


Check the product authenticity with the help of secure, blockchain-powered authentication.


Make the ownership transfers secure, thus making the transactions transparent and accountable.


Enable transparent resale transactions, preserving product value & consumer trust.

Digital Collections

Manage diverse digital assets effortlessly with precision and ease.

Digital Twins

Virtual entities for the actual monitoring and analytical help.

Special Utilities

Our customized tools, improve the functionality and the uniqueness of the digital twins.

Create NFTs, SBTs

Create one-of-a-kind NFTs and SBTs that guarantee unprecedented digital ownership.

EVM Compatible Solution

You can easily combine with the Ethereum Virtual Machine to make themselves compatible with the blockchain.

Have a look at our design screens for the Blockchain Traceability Software Development

Get to know the transformative design screens, which will be the ones forming the future of Blockchain Traceability Software development excellence.

The workflow of the Blockchain Traceability Software Development

Our efficient Blockchain Traceability workflow for precision in business operations. Explore now!

Work Flow of Product

Our Tech Stack

Brace yourself for our state-of-the-art tech stack that makes your business go faster and in a more sophisticated way.


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Node JS



React JS

React JS

Android Kotlin

Android Kotlin

IOS Swift

IOS Swift

What are the main reasons to pick Transgenie for Blockchain Traceability?

Make your business with Transgenie's newest blockchain software for accuracy, efficiency, and compliance and turn it into your business efficiently. The supply chain management will be improved; pick Transgenie as you will be successful!
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  • 100+ developers
  • Efficient Solutions
  • Supply Chain Elevation
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